Volunteer roles

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Organizing committees

Contact: erennie@womenvoters.ca

Vancouver - Victoria - Nanaimo - Calgary

Local events are organized by local committees. Don't see your community listed? Contact us to get something started in your area.

  • Event coordinators - Plan events. Recruit speakers. Coordinate promotional activities. Plan logistics. Book venue and order food. Coordinate technology requirements. Solicit donations and sponsorship from local businesses.
  • Graphic designer - Design posters, invitations, and other images for event promotion.
  • Social media coordinators (Facebook/Twitter) - Promote CWVC events and programs using social media. Build relationships using Facebook.
  • Photographer - Attend events, take photos, upload to website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Contact: rsihota@womenvoters.ca

  • Newsletter coordinator
  • Blog writers


Contact: slockhart@womenvoters.ca

  • Program administrators - Connect mentors and mentees. Promote the program.


Contact: pmackenzie@womenvoters.ca

  • Web/database strategist (Nationbuilder) - Be in-house consultant about the best way to use our website. Give help and advice on new webpages, event set-ups, financial connections of our site with our bookkeeper, supporter engagement, etc. Be able to think about Nationbuilder from a strategic perspective. Propose new policies as needed. 
  • Web/database administrator (Nationbuilder, cPanel) - Be responsible for managing our website, databased, and email addresses. HTML, website updates, data cleanup, administering email addresses via cPanel. The key point person for our tech health.

Supporter engagement

Contact: tisakson@womenvoters.ca

  • Volunteer engagement lead - Be the first point of contact for new volunteers. Find out their interests and skills. Connect them with opportunities and people within the organization. Support the rest of the team with volunteer recruitment. 
  • Community outreach lead - Seek out allied groups to find partnership opportunities (e.g. cross-promotion, co-hosted events, etc), especially with those that engage women who are underrepresented in politics.
  • Membership lead - Plan and implement strategies to recruit, engage, and retain members.

Fund development

Contact: pmackenzie@womenvoters.ca

  • Grants lead - Seek out and prepare grant applications in support of our strategic plan.