Board of Directors

Elena Trenholm, Acting Chairperson

A Newfoundlander, Trenholm is a graduate of the CWVC Campaign School & is completing an undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Victoria.

Trenholm worked previously as the European Regional Coordinator for Yale-based think tank European Horizons, and currently works between North America and Europe, gaining experience in International Development / NGO sectors with Democracy Reporting International in Berlin, and University 101 in Victoria, BC. The overarching theme of her portfolio is a strong commitment to accessible, non-partisan resources for community engagement.

Following one year serving with the Board of Directors, Trenholm was promoted to Vice-Chair in July 2017 as a result of her consistent contributions to the organization’s strategic planning, communications & recruitment.


Deborah Payment, Secretary

Deborah has had a long career in the labour movement, most recently serving as a business agent for the Compensation Employees Union, but also has past experience working for the Worker's Compensation Board.

Deborah volunteered with the City of Surrey in several different capacities, including a program mentoring single mothers in transition. She also served as a Board member with the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association for many years.

In 2009, Deborah ran as an MLA candidate in the provincial election and credits her inspiration to run to a Women's Campaign School.

Deborah lives with Parkinson's Disease and is now retired, splitting her time between Surrey and Green Lake, BC


Nance Henne, Treasurer

Originally from the Kootenays in BC, Nance Henne is a Certified General Accountant and teacher.

Although she is now retired she has had a wealth of experience in all of her professional fields, working from remote communities to larger urban centres. Nance has provided business management, advice and consultation to non-profits, businesses and First Nations resulting in financially viable projects for organizations. She has worked in elementary schools, high schools and community colleges, creating unique educational models to serve her students.

Nance has been a member of the Selkirk College Appeals Committee, the Castlegar and District Community Service Society board, the BC Foster Parents Association board and the Kamloops Habitat for Humanity board.

Since her early teens Nance has been passionate about women actively participating in leading our country. She has worked on election campaigns behind the scenes as a financial agent.


Elizabeth Wells, Board Member at Large

Elizabeth Wells works in the Office of Official Opposition in Victoria, BC as Special Project Lead. Born and raised in Victoria, BC Elizabeth has her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Victoria focusing on Canadian and European politics. She also spent part of her university degree at the University of Stirling, Scotland. She previously was the BC Youth Organizer and Events and Fundraising Coordinator for the Liberal Party of Canada in BC.

Not one to shy away from a political campaign, Elizabeth served as a Liberal Community Team Leader for the 2015 Canadian federal election and the BC Liberal Auxiliary Tour Coordinator for the 2017 provincial election. She has also volunteered on the 2015 and 2017 U.K general elections. Elizabeth has developed public policy as the Policy Chair of the federal Liberal electoral district association in Victoria. Her work led to the inclusion of a Housing First strategy in the Liberal Party platform.

She has a passion for promoting women in politics and now serves as a Board Member at Large for the CWVC.


Kayleigh Erickson, Board Member at Large

Kayleigh Erickson recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Victoria, and is currently participating in UVic’s Social Justice Studies Diploma. She is a passionate student activist on her campus and within the community on issues such as sexualized violence, mental health, and worker’s rights. She has served in a variety of roles during her degree, including as the Chairperson of the University of Victoria Student Society, a two-time student Senator and Governor, as well as the President of the Undergraduates of Political Science Course Union. She is currently a Senior Community Leader with Residence Life and Education, the President of the Young Liberals of Canada in British Columbia youth board, and the Communications Secretary for Component 2 in her Union- CUPE 4153.

Erickson is also committed to increasing women’s representation at all levels of government, and joined the Canadian Women’s Voters Congress Board following her attendance at our annual Women’s Campaign School. She was also selected by Equal Voice Canada to be the ‘Daughter of the Vote’ representing her home riding of Fleetwood Port-Kells. This opportunity involved her taking her seat in the House of Commons on International Women’s Day, where she spoke on the issue of sexual assaults on Canadian campuses. Erickson was recently selected by Equal Voice Canada to be a Mental Health Network Leader, and is collaborating with her fellow Daughters of the Vote to create an intersectional toolkit to advance youth and women’s activism on the topic of mental health.