Mentorship Program

About the program

The Mentorship Program connects experienced women politicians with women who:

  1. are running for office for the first time;
  2. are running a campaign for the first time; or
  3. are simply interested in learning more about the political process and the relevant experiences of other women.

Women inexperienced in the Canadian political process, or women interested in furthering their knowledge and experience, will expand their network and gain valuable insights and information from women "in the know".


  • mentor/mentees will meet at a mutually agreeable location (or connect virtually or by telephone) 3 times during an approximate 7-month period;
  • mentor/mentees are responsible for all costs associated with attending these meetings (gas, meals, etc.);
  • mentor/mentees will provide feedback to CWVC following their 3rd meeting;
  • topics to be covered during the mentor/mentee meetings will be tailored to the mentee’s particular area of interest, but may include:
    • campaign management;
    • securing the nomination, fundraising, using social media, running a campaign once the nomination is secured, media relations, work-life balance, etc.
  • mentor/mentees agree to release CWVC from all liability associated with the mentorship program (i.e. participants expressly agree that CWVC is not responsible for the conduct of program participants, nor does CWVC run background checks, etc.)

Our commitment to you

CWVC will help you achieve your goals by: 

  • providing you access to the knowledge and networks of experienced female politicians;
  • creating networking opportunities for women interested in greater engagement with our democratic processes;
  • providing opportunities for experienced female politicians to assist in increasing the number of female elected politicians; and
  • award and recognition.

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