Introducing our latest volunteers

One of the current projects CWVC is working on is implementing a CRM – basically a database that helps us track our relationships with supporters. Our current ways (or lack thereof) don’t really help us if we want to grow and do better.

So please welcome Jeff, Nick and Elizabeth!

Jeff and Nick are Business Analysts, helping us clarify how we interact with supporters and what we will need in a CRM, and Elizabeth came on board as the Project Manager. We found Nick through, Elizabeth through, and Nick through Elizabeth. The three started a bit before the end of last year, and since then Elizabeth has made a career move that has required her to step down from this role, but we look forward to continue working with Jeff and Nick on this exciting project!

About the volunteers

Nick Dobbing

Since arriving in Vancouver in 2005, I’ve been doing freelance IT contracting and consulting, mainly for non-profit and public-sector organizations. My work is to improve organizational effectiveness by changing the way organizations and workgroups use information technology to collaborate, and helping them to choose and acquire new technology tools, as and when they may need them. If you want to know more about me, visit me at

Jeff Glen

I have been working in Information Technology for over 13 years in a wide variety of roles on mostly large systems including insurance software. For some time I have looked to share my expertise with a non-profit that worked toward long term change. I feel the CWVC has presented such an opportunity. My passions lean toward personal challenges involving biking across large tracks of land which have always led to rich amazing experiences.

Elizabeth Hernandez

IT professional experienced in Project management/coordination, Business Processes, and Process Improvement for different industries such as banking, insurance and software development. I am very grateful I can share my knowledge and experience with a non profit organization such as CWVC, and be able to contribute to make a change.

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