Canada ranks third for women executives in the financial sector

A new global report published by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman reveals that women make up 23% of executives in financial services companies in Canada. This puts Canada in third behind Norway and Sweden, with Russia following in fourth. The report also shows that Canadian women in this field are filling a broader range of executive positions, and are breaking out of the traditionally female roles like HR and marketing.

According to the Globe and Mail:

The report praises Canada’s “Back to Bay Street” program for helping women return to the financial industry after taking time off with children, saying it is part of a “web of support” that has helped get more women in senior roles.

Jennifer Reynolds, chief executive officer of Women in Capital Markets, said the Back to Bay Street program is a critical tool for keeping women in the industry.

“One of the most important things we can do is to help women see that there is an on-ramp back into the industry and support them when they take it,” she told the authors of the report. “Bringing experienced women back to the industry is critical to building a pipeline for leadership roles.”

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