About us

We demystify the political process for women interested in working on campaigns, advocating for issues, and running for elected office. 

Our vision

A better society through increased participation and influence of women in political and community leadership.

Our mission

We educate, inspire, and empower women to participate in democracy within their communities.

We value

non-partisanship; collaboration in support of a bigger movement; meeting women where they are at; inclusion, diversity and accessibility.

What we do

  • We offer the longest-running non-partisan Women’s Campaign School in Canada, established in 1999. The School has been offered in Vancouver, Surrey, Whistler, and Calgary.
  • We hold workshops, talks and other events to educate and empower women to actively participate in democracy.

Our history

Audrey Paterson was the visionary and catalyst for the Women’s Campaign School, Canada’s first non-partisan school to educate women about running for public office. The school has graduated over 450 women since 1999, many who have been elected. Audrey passed away in 2010. Read more about Audrey.

Canadian Women Voters Congress is a non-partisan charitable organization.
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