28 per cent of Canadians have experienced sexual harassment at work

A recent survey by Angus Reid has revealed that 28 per cent of Canadians, 43 percent of women and 20 per cent of men, have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Respondents reported experiencing unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours or sexually-charged talk at work. 14 per cent said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact at a workplace or function. 

The report also looked in to how many of these incidents were reported:

Just 22 per cent of those who’d experienced harassment and 20 per cent of those who’d experienced unwanted contact reported the incidents to an employer. The biggest reason, chosen by 44 per cent of those who did not report harassment, was that they wanted to “deal with it on their own.” Other reasons included feeling the issue was too minor (26 per cent) or belief the employer would not respond well (21 per cent).

Victims of unwanted contact were three times as likely than those who were harassed to say they were too scared to come forward.

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